"Photographs That Reveal Taste for Mystery and Drama”

 "A complete artist whose musical soul is in his eyes as well as his fingertips."


                                                                                                     -   Paul Caponigro, Maine, 2009

Dear Robert,

We are having a major storm; the power goes on and off and my typing does not improve! My piano is about the only non-electric thing around here  -  and I am  hopelessly out of practice! Before the power troubles, I did have the chance to listen to your new Bach recording.

I feel that it is magnificent! I do not know any other term that encompasses my opinion! You have made a noble contribution and I am touched that you have shared it with me.

I cannot verbalize on emotional and aesthetic reactions, but I assure you I was deeply moved. I have never heard a better performance of the St. Anne’s Fugue! And the cover photograph of your album is very fine. You are to be doubly congratulated.

Keep up the great works!

                                                        -   Ansel Adams, Carmel CA, 1982

Dear Robert,

In all of my more than fifty years as an organist, organ builder, and teacher, I have never heard a better performance than yours of Bach’s Organ Prelude and Fugue in E-Flat,

(the “St. Anne’s”) in the transcription for piano solo by Busoni. The organ performances really never gave me any pleasure, including my own. Your performance has “saved the day” for me! It is far more convincing than anything I have ever heard on the organ.

                    -  Robert Noehren, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan, 1987

                                   The St. Anne’s Prelude and Fugue in E-flat Major


                                                           (14 minutes)

Dear Robert,

I am honored to be in contact with you. I must tell you that years ago when I first purchased your recording of Bach transcriptions, I played them for my mother and she said that your recordings were as close to my grandfather’s playing as she had ever heard.  

I must admit, I listened to your performance of the Bach-Siloti Prelude in B minor and it is without a doubt the finest performance among all the performances on Utube (and there are lots of them), even Gilels. It is simply beautiful.

                 http://www.youtube.com/user/ASiloti#p/u/3/WSgXezAgKwM  (3 minutes)

              -  Alex Siloti, grandson of Alexander Siloti (1863-1945), pupil of Liszt   -  CA , 2011

“In an inspiring coda to a career as a concert pianist, Robert Preston makes beautiful music with another instrument   -   the camera”.

                      Nena Donovan Levine,  NDESIGN Communications, Inc.,  2011

                   Read “Artistry”  -   http://www.nehomemag.com/article/encore-performance

Dear Robert,

It was a great pleasure to receive your gifts upon arrival in Fairfield the other day. Your photograph is a most enjoyable image; everyone who has had the opportunity to see it has spoken highly of it. It now lives on the wall of my studio in Fairfield to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

The rigors of this year’s conducting season are upon me, but I look forward to a moment of relaxation in the months to come when I can listen to your new Bach recording. Thank you for thinking of me and sharing your work. I have pleasant memories of the evening we shared together.

                                                      -   Leonard Bernstein, Fairfield CT, 1987

Dear Robert,

I still have a vivid memory of your top quality performance of my Piano Sonata. I particularly remember the ending of the work which you carried off so beautifully. Perhaps it was that which inspired me to rush to the stage and embrace you. In any event, my demonstration was fully deserved.

                                                                -   Aaron Copland, Peekskill NY, 1976

Dear Mr. Preston,

Please excuse my answering you with such great delay; I was away from Moscow for a long time. I wish to thank you from all my heart for your kind letter and your excellent performance of my Piano Concerto #3. Your interpretation of my music is very close to my heart. I send you my sincere regards and best wishes.

                                                       -  Dmitry Kabalevsky, Moscow USSR, Sept. 1974

Dear Robert,

As to your image, "Fantasy", I have to tell you that I love it so much. It's one of those that makes me catch my breath whenever I first bring it up, and then can spend great lapses of time being drawn into its folds and light.  

                                                                    -   Andrea Slater, Arts Administrator, TX 


Your photographs are beyond exquisite! Their beauty, light and form actually brought tears to my eyes. I hope one day we will meet. Your web site is a magnificent testament to your brilliant artistic talents. Your museum-quality photography should be, well, in museums! You are truly a master of the art of photography.

                                                           -   L.aure Dunne, Documentary photographer, CT


FANTASTIC WEBSITE!!!!!  Excellent to the 7th power!!!! Your double-exposure of the Abbey Ruins and Haystack Rock looks like the secret door to life everlasting! *

                     -  Ron Rosenstock, International photographer and photo tour leader,  MA.

                                                             * (Unpublished Image; viewing upon request)

Hi Robert,

I am truly appreciating your work, essays and wonderful writeup from the NY Times! In a number of photos, I was awed by the beauty and natural elements making up the aesthetic nature of your work.

                                                                           Dore Sheppard, psychologist, PhD, NY

Breathtakingly beautiful. Such a diverse vision! I have to make room in my home to display some of these images. I think grouping a few from each category will work best. What a joy to see the work of this exceptional talent.

                                                       -   Victoria of  “Victoria’s Gardens”, Garden Designer, CT              

Master photographer, Robert Preston, presents a portfolio of visionary landscapes, still lifes and gardens, where his technical prowess is eclipsed only by his vivid imagination. The results are soul-stirring.

                                                                            -   Gerard Pampalone, mofflymedia.com/Your-Garden-Matters

                OMG! I'm selling all my camera equipment! Absolutely breathtaking!


                                                             -    Alison Wachstein, photographer, PPA

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The New York Times, 2003

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